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tv   Fox 5 News at Midday  FOX  August 14, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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[ bagpipes ] special athletes joins celebrities and the most famous family in a touching farewell to a woman who gave a voice and a mission to the powerless. good morning, i'm claudia covery. >> and i'm gurvir dhindsa filling in for allison today.
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today the funeral for eunice kennedy shriver mass began an hour ago. it was led to the church by special olympians and law enforcement. a lone bag pipe played as her children carried the casket into the mass and thousands of people lined the streets. her son-in-law, governor arnold schwarzenegger took part in the mass reading from the psalms. >> she was chosen, she was chosen to have a life to serve others. the weakest of the weak, the castaways, the throwaways of society at the time they would say the mentally retarded and i am one of those people.
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today -- day she is a fighter for humanity. >> again, there is the funeral mass taking place at st. francis roman cath list church in massachusetts which is synonymous with the kennedy name. her brother ted kennedy wasn't able to attend the funeral today. he's continuing to btle brain cancer. and now to another farewell. this one 18 long years in the making. thousands lined the streets for michael spot biker. she was shot down in the gulf war in 1991 and his remains were just discovered. the hurst traveled to a war memorial wall, then by the churchwhere he taught sunday school. later his family held a rivate ceremony. we're following some breaking news out of texas this midday. the woman convicted of trying
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to assassinate gerald ford has been released from prison. lynette squeaky fromme was 20 years ldobch old back in 1975 w was grabbed and the present was not injured. s is 60 years old. authorities search for an scraped -- an escaped prison in howard county right now. at about 11:30 last night a sheriff's deputy was transporting a prison from the courthouse back to jessop and the prisoner got away. the search continues this midday. owisllth g ther big story we'fon llowing this morning, an unwanted delivery. a mailbox bomber facing serious charges last night. >> theorstruck last night ni northeast, putting an explosive device inside a u.s. postal
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mailbox at the corner of mead and 49th street. tom fitzgerald has more details. >> reporter: this bolt and the marks in the concrete are all that remains of a mailbox blown up here on this corner on thursday night. and if somebody meant this as a prank, nobody in this neighborhood is laughing. it happened around 10:00 at night just across the street from the brown middle school on mead street northeast. suddenly and without warning, a postal mailbox exploded. neighbor mary monk says she will never forget the sound. >> a big sound that goes boom, really, really loud, like something did blow up. >> reporter: units from d.c. fire and ems says debris was scattered about 60 feet. the bomb sniffing dog was brought in to search the area for a second device just in case. garrland logan who lives across the street says it's a miracle
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no one was standing near the mailbox when it exploded. >> i was in the bed and i hear the big boom and then later on somebody knocked at the door so i got up and i came out and the mailbox was gone. one piece was in the yard next door. >> reporter: by morning, all that remains of the mailbox are the four bolts that held it into the corner of 49th and mead. mary mosque says she can live without the mailbox for now, but just until police catch those responsible and hopes no one gets hurt. >> anybody could have got killed. anybody could have got killed. and it's a shame they destroyed that mailbox. >> reporter: so just how powerful was the explosion? take a look atthis. debris flew from across the street and landed in this yard, creating a 6-inch divot in a lawn across the street. in nortast, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news.
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>> the u.s. postal inspectors office tells us the person responsible for that incident could face three separate federal charges which could carry up to 20 years in prison. and more alarming news this morning involving a postal employee. marvin foster of howard county, maryland, has admitted to stealing $60,000 worth of stamps. but that's not all. he then sold them for a profit. the u.s. attorney's office says that foster was a window clerk at the elkridge post office from june of 2008 to this past to sbr icks and coils of stamps which he gave to a co- conspirator to sell into now to a deadly hit-and-run in southeast this morning as a man tried to cross suitland parkway around 3:00 this morning. police are on the lookout for a small blue or black vehicle with extensive front-end damage. the parkway closed for a few hour this is an monthing but reopened at 5:00. if you happened to see anything at that time, please give police a call.
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and police are still looking for the remains of shakita bell, the d.c. woman missing now for 13 years. yesterday there was a possible break in the case. the police unearthed a shoe that the family believes may belong to shakita. authorities are looking in a wooded area in fort washington. he pointed the police to the area where sher body may be buried. today a hearing in connection to dui charges stemming from a crash last month in arlington, david bakeer was driving his explorer fr fairfax drive when he sideswiped a ford escape. he and a passenger suffered minor injuries. he was arrested and charged with dui. now to a developing story in the nfl. happening right now, michael vick holding a press conference. to officially announce his deal with the philadelphia eagles.
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we'll take a listen right now. >> i want to do whatever is necessary and be the best ambassador for the nfl and the community. i want to send a special thanks to my family, my fiance and my mom, my dad, everybody who was influential in helping me change as an individual. i want to say thank you to the commissioner goodell, i want to say thank you to tony -- tony dungy, who is serving as my mentor, also being influential in my walk and helping redefine me as an individual and just giving me the proper advice and being there and having open dialogue with me at all times. i want to say thank you to my agent joe siegal, who has been
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there through the ups and downs and through the hardest times of my life. judy smith as well as other people who have contributed in my comeback. once again, i know everybody is thinking why philadelphia, first off i think it's one of the flagship organizations, great tradition, great staff, great organization. it's a great place and i just want to be a part of a great tradition and give this team every opportunity to win a superbowl. this is -- i'm considering this my first year, my first year back. i'm not trying to come out and -- i'm just trying to fit where ever i can, get acclimated and just do whatever i can to help this team succeed and reach the superbowl. with that said, i know i probably left some people out
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who i need to send a special thanks to. i'm sorry. but you all know who you are. and i will continue to serve in our community, continue to do all of the right things, and continue to help young individuals out in this world from going down the same path that i went down. i'm excited about the opportunity. and with that said, i jut open it up for questions and i'll be more than happy to answer any of them. [ inaudible ] >> i addressed that i made poor judgment, bad decisions in my life and hi to reach a turning point. and prison definitely did it for me. but it was totally unnecessary and uncalled for.
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[ inaudible ] >> it's a surreal feeling right now. i couldn't envision it two years ago. i was optimistic that it would happen one day, but i knew it would be a long process. and we as a people, we fear the unknown. and i'm just ppy that i have the opportunity now, i'm glad that coach reed and the rest of the organization stepped forward, donovan was very instrumental in that and i'm glad i got the opportunity at a second chance. and i won't disappoint. [ inaudible ] >> i've been away from the game for two years and i have to start somewherement i have to crawl before i walk. i can't imagine going out after a two-year hiatus, going out and trying to be a starter for
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a football team. i just don't think it could happen. with as much god-given ability that i have, i don't think i would be able to do it. i think i could, but i wouldn't risk it. and i need time to get my feet wet and get acclimated, like i said before. so i think -- i thought this was the perfect situation, the perfect scenario, and i can come in and i can learn from donovan, as one of the premier quarterbacks in the game, one of the best at it. and everything that he's learned, and the way he's been polished comes from coach reid, so i want to get with those two and do as much as i can to become a complete quarterback. and i have time to do it.
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[ inaudible ] >> i was wrong for what i did. everything that happened at that point in time in my life was wrong. and it was unnecessary. and to this day i can't understand why i was involve the in such pointless activeity and why did i risk so much dependent on my career and i was a naive to a lot of things, but i figure if i can help more animals than i hurt, than i'm contributing, and i'm doing my part. [ inaudible ] >> i think everybody deserves a second chance. we all have issues and we all
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deal with certain things and we all have our own reasons in our life and i think as long as you're willing to come back and do it the right way and do the right things and that you're committed, then i think you deserve it. but you only get one shot at a second chance and i'm conscious of that. >> you've been listening to a live news conference from michael vick, who has just signed with the philadelphia eagles to a $1.6 million deal one year deal with a option for a second after serving time in federal prison on dogfighting charges. >> and we'll continue to stream this live on gold metal swimmer michael phelps is making headlines this morning. the olympic star was involved in a traffic accident last night. police say he was driving an suv that collided with another car, at an intersection near downtown baltimore. no one in the car was injured. driver of the other car was shaken up and toteen to a local
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hospital as a precaution. police say no alcohol was involved and no citations were issued. taking a live look outside on this midday, it's mostly cloudy out there toda >> but don't let the picture fool you. it will still be very warm today. tucker barnes joins us now with details this morning. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. sunshine across the area and places here in washington looking at a mostly cloudy start today but we will see henshine in abundance n ti a onnond ndslight chance of a shower or thunderstorm so the afternoon forecast long -- loing good. and there you can seethe shower activity and the cloud cover for the most part -- for e smot part down tward virginia beach. here in washington fairly quiet. we do still have some low clouds from earlier today that are hanging tough and it will take a few more hours to get that out of here. so temperatures are mild and still a little bit of cloud
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cover. 80 at reagan national, 80 at dallas, bwi temperature 78. we're looking for highs later today in the middle 80s. we'll go with 86. should be afternoon sunshine and a chance for an isolated thunderstorm. best chance is south and east of the city. i'll have more details on the forecast and we'll look at he weekend and the beaches as well >> thank y, tuouerck gurvir. >> thank you, tucker. a metro bus driver is caught talking on her cell calls and now therare for the driver to be allowed back behind the wheel and we'll tell you why. what is it like being president of the united states? >> well very exciting. it's a lot of work. >> it's an interview reporters work an entire life to get. what this interviewer asked president obama. and this is a giant cheese sculpture at the indiana fair. go to and click on the off atioscten and check it out and a lot of other whacky things. we're back after this. 
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we have an update on the former alexandria police chief in court today on dui charges. david baker pled guilty this morning. it stems from an accident in arlington last month. he resigned as chief days later. he will have to serve a five day jail sentence beginning tonight, his license is suspended for one year and he will have to pay a fine. and we also have live pictures to bring you on that escaped prisoner search that we first told you about at the top of the hour. this is going on right now in the howard county area near anne arundel county. at about 11:30 last night a deputy was transporting a prisoner from the courthouse back to jail when he escaped. did metro jump the gun over a picture of a bus driver on the phone. a blogger snapd it last month and claimed the bus was moving, but the driver's union says there is a story behind the
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picture. right now that driver is on leave. her union says the bus was not moving. the driver only used her cell phone to call in a malfunction because the two-way radio on the bus was broken. the union says a recording of that phone call exists. >> she used the cell phone because the bus was broke, i think that's okay. get the facts first before you make a decision. >> i think if you were driving the bus on the cell phone, that's wrong. she should have stopped and goten off and radioed for help and just put the cell phone away. >> metro's zero tolerance policy comes after photos of drivers and train operators that were tempting, sleeping and even reading a book. an faa air traffic controller and supervisor are on leave after the collision over the hudson river. the controller handling the small plane was talking on the phone at the time of the accident and the supervisor wasn't in the building as required. the employee's action don't appear to have contributed to
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the accident itself. president clinton says the g.o.p. promotes fear over health care. because they have no political clout to fight it. and that fear has caused chaos at town halls all across the country and president obama may face some of those angry crowds at a town hall today in belgrade montana. a big opposition rally is planned nearby with about -- nearby with 500 expected to show up. a reporter had a sitdown with the president and he's only 11 years old and won this interview with the president. >> he's lucky. damon weaver became an internet sensation during the campaign as he followed the president hoping for an interview. the president fielded questions about his basketball skills, bullying and life in the white house. take a listen. >> what is it like being president of the united states? >> well it's very exciting.
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it's a lot of work and there are times where you get a little warn down. but every day you have the possibility, the ability of helping other people. and if you can do that -- >> weaver signed out just like he did when the interview with joe biden and he asked the president to be his home boy and the president said absolutely. to see the interview, go to we're moving to on to another story -- on to another story with a funny man here in the studio. his name is matt he'ser. he has a show coming to town and we'll tell you all about it and where you can catch his act this weekend. explain.
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welcome back, everybody. and our guest chef today is
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from a restaurant in the middle of it all in downtown d.c. this is chef shane get linger. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you are smack dab right in the center of the trade center and the ronald reagan area. >> and it's located in the middle of the federal triangle area and a lot of things happening tre. >> almost like a little secret. if you work down there it's nestled in there and today we'll let everybody know where you are and what you're cooking up today. >> i'm making what we make at the astronaut, teara mee soup and we'll make sure and capture the essence of the summer and use some of the same recipes and using fresher flavors for the dessert and try to capture
11:27 am
that. >> and this is very easy to make, it is. >> and let as get back to gurvir. it's easy to make. >> i'm trying to be good and not eat all of this wonderful fattening stuff. >> we're going to tempt you again. >> i'm not trying to be good, i'll just eat it. it looks delicious. i'll eat it all. >> it looks warm outside. >> it's warm. a little bit of cloud cover holding teams down. and i'll have the details on the forecast and everybody has important weekend plans so i'll have the weekend forecast and the beaches. speaking of the weekend, holly is tarting the weekend the right way. look at that. farm animals. you can't go wrong with farm animals. >> is that a real animal? >> reporter: it is. look at it. tucker doesn't believe you are real. hey butterscotch, over here. she's wagging her tail. she's one of the stars of the
11:28 am
show at the kids zone at the montgomery county fair. hello. are you ready for it open to today? there is a lot of things going on here. we're giving you a preview as it opens up at 3:00 today. you want a carrot. we'll tell you how you and your family can come on out and be a fair -- be a part of the fair fun next. don't listen to him. he was being a big mean weather man.
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we're following several developing stories today. this is over howard county near the anne arundel county line. a sheriff's deputy last night was transported a prisoner from the courthouse and the prisoner over powered the deputy and the search continues for him as he
11:32 am
got away. and reaction after michael vick has signed with the philadelphia eagles. he hasn't played since 2006. he was convicted in 2007 of conspiracy and running a dogfighting operation. he recently got out of federal prison and he is currently under a conditional suspension with the nfl. he can play in the final two preseason games, but he could sit anywhere from 1-6 weeks out once the regular season starts. >> and he said during the news conference a short time ago, he considered this his first year. he doesn't expect to jump right back in. >> he hasn't been playing football for a couple of years. got to get his football legs back. so the weather is not bad. it's a little humid and still summery with pay chance for an isolated shower and thunderstorm. but it could be in the mid to upper 90s. there is a live shot. and you can see a mix of sun and clouds across the area and it is dry. the only shower activity is well off to the south and east and we should be in for a drive afternoon.
11:33 am
so i see a lot of bright spots in thforecast over the next couple of days. let's start with the all important beach forecast. and if you're headed to ocean city, it should be a nice weekend. a thundershower later today and late tomorrow afternoon and again i think they will be scattered. not expecting widespread thunderstorm activity. but there is a frontal system not too far off the coast that could fire up a shower or thunderstorm down at the beaches on both friday and saturday. sunday will be nice. 85 in bethany beach by sunday afternoon. so the best day of the weekend, sunday is it at re hob only and cape may new jersey as well. here in washington, 80 degrees. the humidity is %. winds out of the north and east at 6 miles per hour. pressure up 30.22 inches. and 80 here in washington. 78 in baltimore. 79 in frederick.
11:34 am
warmer down to the south. fredericksberg is 82 and patuxent naval air station is 79 at this hour. so a decent looking start. we have low cloud cover and early morning fog and that has been slow to burn off but during the afternoon the trend is to introduce more sunshine, particularly in washington and off to the north and the west. most of the cloud cover and the shower activity at this hour is off to the south and east, down to virginia beach and east of richmond. here in washington, not a bad looking start. if you look carefully, really carefully, you could probably see a little bit of cloud cover out there so in and out of the clouds for the next couple of hours and more sunshine later this afternoon. we've just an isolated chance for a shower or thunderstorm. so as we get into the weekend here, the trend will be to dry out the atmosphere. i don't think we'll have too much chances for rain over the next couple of daysch the frontal system will fall apart off to the south and east and this area of high pressure -- winds out of the north and east will stick around for the next
11:35 am
day or so. so the forecast looks good into the weekend. both saturday and sunday looks fairly quietch by sunday, about 90 or so. just a couple of showers in the forecast. i think most of us remain dry here in washington and baltimore this afternoon. mostly sunny, isolated afternoon showers and thunderstorms. best chance down toward the beaches or well off to the west toward the mountains. 86 an afternoon high. winds out of the east at 5 miles per hour. 71 tonight and patchy late night fog. we had problems with some spots this morning. again, isolated thunderstorm. it should be beautiful tomorrow with an afternoon high of 88. warmer there for sunday, monday and tuesday but it will be dry with high temperatures about 90 so. kind of a tip -- a typical august weather. >> beautiful fair weather. >> and there is a fair going on. and you think of funnel cakes and rides.
11:36 am
>> and you can find it at 61st montgomery county agricultural fair and holly is out there us this morning. i love the smell of a fair. >> which smells do you like? >> the pigs and the sheeps, right. >> reporter: are you guys done? i'm trying to talk here. i was saying, i love the smell of this horse right here. this is the kind that smells perfect. hi, butterscotch. are you ready for today at 3:00? it will open. the 61st annual montgomery county agricultural fair. don't you bat your eyelashes at me. this horse is part of the kid zone at community square. the community square has been a part of the fair for 15 years but they transformd it into the kid zone because of this woman -- debbie hogan. you've made it into a wild west show. tell me what you have going on.
11:37 am
>> we have a ot of things. well the boy scouts are working on putting up their bridge which is very popular. and we have a wild west family challenge and games. we have butterscotch in the corral. family movie night is at night. >> reporter: the guys are working down to the last minute. you referenced the boy scouts. what does it take to put all of this on? >> hours and hours and hours. weeks and weeks. it's a lot. a lot of sweat equity. >> reporter: for people that come out to the fair and do want to make the most of the kid zone, what do you suggest as far as families in this particular area. >> well they can play games, play on a moon bounce, we have dance revolution for the older kids. >> reporter: but you don't drop your kids off here. it's not a baby-sitting
11:38 am
service. >> no. this is an interactive area toen occur families to play together. >> reporter: how long have you been a part of the fair here? >> 0 years. >> reporter: what do you like about the fair. >> everything. the kids. i love watching my kids grow up and move on and they all come and help and we couldn't do this if it wasn't for them. >> reporter: and with that, the heart of the fair is the 4h. they have all ofthe livestock and the animals here. they have all of the carnival rides. we were doing that earlier on fox morning news. it's the 6th largest carnival so this is a good one to take advantage of. but i wanted to make my way over here to emily who happens to be debbie's piece and this is the wild west challenge. >> yes. >> reporter: for the kid zone. so tell me what it is. >> these horses move. and we are going to race them down the street. and this one is thunder. and then this one is peaches and to ride them, all you have to do is sit and then pull
11:39 am
on them and they'll move. >> reporter: well before i gallop off here, let me tell you, again the fair opens today at 3:00, runs through the following sunday. is our website. we have a link to montgomery county fair website. they have shows, they have demonstrations, theye got activities, shops, candy stores, fum cakes, you name it. it's only $8 to get in. you can get an all-you--can ride pass for $9.95 tonight. are you ready girl? >> let's go. >> reporter: i think i got it. i think i got it. this is the montgomery county fair. back to you. >> there is just something for
11:40 am
everybody. >> absolutely. coming up, he's a cleanup specialist, matt eiz man is joining us here in the studio. i don't know if he's wearing that nose. >> i don't know either. ask him if he wants his nose.
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11:43 am
he's the host of clean house on the style net york and sport soup on the versa network. >> and he's an actor and comedian and you can see him here in our area this weekend. matt ei zman is here. you're doing it all. >> i'm trying. >> and folks might see you on clean house. >> yes. we go into a cloterred house and try to figure out why it's cluttered, talk them out of their stuff, sell them at a yard sale and make the money to
11:44 am
make over the house. >> did you see the garage? >> yes. >>er clearly in the hd era now. >> and you're doing sports soup. >> it's just like the sule with joel, but instead of pop culture we talk about sports, so michael vick going to the eagles will be a heyday. here is my take on it. he did his ime and we are a nation of second chances. so far, he is saying everything right, and philly is the perfect place because philly fans -- >> they're brutal. >> they are. they boos santa claus and michael ervin when was on the ground with an if injured neck and so he will fit in. >> what i look about you is how you got there: this is a fella with a medical degree. >> i became a doctor. >> and what in the world were you thinking when you said i thought i'll do television.
11:45 am
>> i always believe laugh -- laster -- laughter is the bed medicine. and i was going to work and realizing i just don't have it if me. and so i hung up the stethoscope. >> after a lot of money later. >> and i moved down to l.a. i know, don't remind me. >> don't remind his parents. >> when i sat my dad down, he's a physician and one of the top doctors in the u.s. and i sat him down and i said i'm -- i'm quitting medicine to do stand up comedy and he had is he life is short, do what you want. and i'm doing pretty well at it so far, so no complaints. >> and now you're taking the comedy tour on the road. >> i started out doing standup and with the tv shows i've been stuck in l.a. i'm going to be at the draft house on friday and saturday, or tonight. i have no idea what day of the
11:46 am
week is. >> it's friday. >> so yeah, i love doing standup. it's great getting on the stage. >> instant gratification. >> it is. clearly i left medicine. i want it now. but i know your director is a big fan and i hope she'll come out and squeal. >> you'll have one or two person. maybe more than that. >> people love clean house. >> they do. and just for you getting out to meet the people, you get to build the fan base. >> it's a show that we do that feels so isolated because we're on location and doing the houses so you get disconnected from it. and it's amazing when you go out, how many people watch the show and revel in other people's filth. well my house isn't that bad so i feel better about it. >> our garage is not that bad. >> keep telling yourself that. >> we want to thank you for coming by and let folks at home know they can catch you tonight and tomorrow night at the arlington draft house comedy
11:47 am
theater. doors open at 9:15 tonight and 9:15 tomorrow night. tick the -- tickets still available at >> thank you. it's nice when someone else does it instead of myself. >> you're a great guy. >> thank you. if you have been waiting for the perfect pet, now is maybe the time to take a chance. we'll going to introduce you to a pup named chance. and we're tempting your sweet this-- tooth this morning. we're going to step over to studio b. and see what our guest chef is cooking up. stay with us. (announcer) back to school means back to busy mornings.
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that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm, flaky, pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two bonus box tops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. so i always have totino's pizza rolls. big pizza taste in a bite size roll that my kids can't resist. plus i get two bonus box tops for their school. the pizza way to snack. welcome back. if you're in the market for a furry friend, well maybe it's time to take a chance. and that righthere rolling around don't there is chance and joining us to talk about chance is sandra navarro with the prince george's county spca adoption program. thank you for being here. >> sure. this is chance. he just turned 5 and he's a
11:51 am
good boy. he'll t and lay down when you ask him to. he's an active, healthy dog. probably because he's so active, he with be better off with a family who has children that are over 10 but he's great with cats b -- cats and other dogs and kids. and he just turned five. >> that's still a young dog. >> and he want him to find a nice home because the family could not longer take care of him. and the people adopted him in his forever home should have a fence. because he's very strong and he can jump. >> well he's a what -- a german shepherd and collie mix? >> he's mixed with something. collie is a good guess. >> and both of those are active dogs. >> okay. >> but as far as personality, he's fantastic. >> well he's just enamored with you. and you just met him recently so it goes to show you he's a
11:52 am
people dog. >> he is. and he travels well in the car. he loves car rides. >> and he's okay with cats. >> he's great with cats. the person who is fostering him has two kittens and he's ne with them. so he's just really a great dog. he has virtually no health problems, a little bit of a skin condition that can be handled -- >> with some ointment or something. >> yeah. >> you have an event coming up to tell us about. >> yeah. we have a pet show. i think we gave the location. >> that is at the petco in columbia. >> right. >> from noon until 2:00 on old dotted lane in columbia. so we'll put that information on our website, and more information about chance on there too. >> and if you want to see chance or the other dogs that we have for -- for adoption you can go on our website and fill out an application and those dogs that will be at the show, you can contact them and they'll let you know which ones will be there that day.
11:53 am
>> great. thank you so much. and i hope chance gets a great home. let's send it over to claudia in studio b. and tearing up that tiramisu today. >> i know. and we're with shane getlinger. and thanks for being here. and let's do the assembly line. you said it's basic. >> it is very basic and very easy to do. i'll walk you through the steps. i'm going to start off with lady finks -- lady fingers and you can buy them or make them at the house. just egg white, sugar, egg yoke and flower. and i soaked them with an espresso and added sambuka with flavor and now i'll make the mouse that goes with it and i've taken some sugar, some corn syrup and water and boild it and i wantto tighten it. i want to tighten the sugar that when we put all of these
11:54 am
ingredients together that i don't have a soupy mix. >> how long do you do that? >> to bring it to a boil. >> once it's to a boil -- >> i'm going to take my yokes and slowly in. >> just the yokes? >> just the yokes. and be very careful. this is very hot. i got it. >> i have to do something. i have to help out somehow. >> then i want to whip this until its tolled and i got some volume off of it. because it's going to take time to cool. >> and because it's live tv. >> i've already done this process and i'm looking for a nice frothy mix like this and now that it's cooled down, i can add it to the cheese. >> -- and that is right there.
11:55 am
>> and this is mars cap own cheese. >> and where do you get that? >> at a store or anywhere. so i'll add some spice and sambuka. >> that will give it a kick. >> and i'll mix that in. >> you were mentioning you guy have a great out door patio. kind of squeezed if between the ronald reagan building, the trade center and really happening during the summer too. >> yes. during the day, they have -- most days they have entertainment out on the plaza. >> thursday and friday they have live music. i was there yesterday. it's beautiful out there. >> from 4:00 to 6:00 they have the music. but the happy hour runs all night from closing, from 4:00 until closing. >> what kind of texture are you hoping to get. >> i'm looking for a nice
11:56 am
creamy -- but if i add my egg yoke too fast, it will lump up the mars cap ne. and so once we do this, we'll come back and test everything. after this do you start layering it on to have of the lady fingers. while you do that, we are going to take a break. and by the magic of television, it will be fip -- finished when we come back. and we'll taste some other tasty sweets he brought today and everybody will get to try it out. that looks good. explain.
11:57 am
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